Spices and Herbs That Can Improve Your Health

Various researches have shown that spices and seasonings, daily food liberally with spices and herbs can help you replace them with flavor boosters like salt or rich sauces. Using spices and herbs will cause your palette to expand without adding any extra calories, and will help you lower your intake of sugar, salt or fat without having to sacrifice flavor.

Weight Control and Other Health Benefits of Seasoning:

spices and seasonings can also effectively help in controlling your weight. As you add seasoning to increase the taste of your food, they impart more satisfaction to you in comparison with the bland food items. And the more you’re satisfied, the lesser you will tend to overeat.

Moreover, spices like chili peppers contain dihydrocapsiate, which boosts the fat-burning ability in humans. Studies also show that daily intake of capsaicin can lower blood pressure levels. Not only do spices and herbs improve the flavor of food items, but they also help preserve the food for longer time periods.

Spices and Herbs for Improved Health:

So, the first step is to spread the knowledge about various spices and herbs that can profit your health when used on a daily basis in your food. Take a look at the following spices and seasonings that you should use to improve your body’s energy & vitality and help you stay physically fit.


Cinnamon is commonly available in most households, but very few people use it regularly. It will surprise you to know that cinnamon contains highest number of antioxidants than any other spice. It has also been proved that cinnamon lowers blood sugar level, triglyceride levels and inflammation in the body. More details.

Cinnamon can also help you overcome nausea, and can contribute towards fat-burning process in your body. Additionally, cinnamon adds calcium, manganese and iron to your body. And the antibacterial properties of this spice helps preserve food for a long time.

Although, you limit the use of this spicely organics to preparing sweet dishes like desserts, cookies and muffins, different parts of the world use cinnamon to cook everything from savory to sweet preparations from morning to night.


This herb offers antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties and can also keep you from developing osteoarthritis. Basil has also been used to treat digestive problems, and further studies on anti-cancer properties of basil are underway.

Despite the fact that mainly Italians use this herb, you can include basil in your everyday food items by adding to anything from soups to omelets to grilled and baked preparations. The best way to consume basil spicely organics is by sprinkling fresh leaves of this herb on your salad or meat.


This spice contains cancer-fighting compound called curcumin. This compound is taken in medicine form in the US for treating joint problems and for reducing inflammation. Try adding this spice to your meat and egg-based preparations, or while baking food items to maximize the flavor of this spice.

These are a few of the spices and seasonings that offer health benefits when added to your daily cooking. Instead of adding pepper and salt to your regular food, try using these seasonings to prepare delicious and healthful dishes. See more san Francisco herb company. Check out this site: http://jivaorganicfoods.com/


The Cultural Importance of Food

When it comes to food, this vital facet of the existence of all organic life, including human beings, of course, there’s more to it than “meats” the eye. (Get it?) Perhaps because it is so vital, food is almost universally more than simply a means of survival. We have experimented with out food, presumably since the dawn of time, to make it taste better, invent novel dishes and combinations, etc. And, there’s a major social component at play, as well. There’s nothing that forges lasting bonds of friendship or romantic partnership quite like dressing to the nines in an outfit from New York and Company, getting together with friends and family, and have a nice meal. Even eating simply eating a fast food burger with your friends as a less intrusive than cooking way to refuel helps to reinforce these bonds. Food is so much more than the sum of its parts, and while we all do have our favorites and generally like to eat, I’m not sure we appreciate it enough. And, even when we as a culture come together to appreciate our sustenance, it’s often via the mouth piece of a a pretentious chef more interested in trends than flavors.

I’m not here to harp on your for not enjoying food the way I think you should, though. Far from it. One of the most beautiful aspects of the culinary arts is just how subjective the human palette is, for one thing, but also how varied the core tenets of a given culture’s culinary scene can be. It’s endlessly fascinating to me to see these region specific iterations on national staples, for example. If anything, I’d like to see a return to form when it comes to eating right. The prevalence of processed foods, like junk food and fast food, has created a health epidemic, and we need to solve that problem. However, this vendetta has absolutely nothing to do with these food items having inferior flavor. Far from it,. I love fast food and junk food, too, to a fault, given the unhealthiness of it all.

My point is this. I think that food deserves its place at the table (Get it?) when it comes to transcending practical purpose and become so many things greater than it’s use. For example, cooking is considered an art, and I’m inclined to agree. It is a way for communities, from a single neighborhood to the global community, to come together over a shared love of a good meal.