Spicy Chicken Masala – Dry

Spicy Chicken Masala – Dry

Chicken can often become a boring dish on its own which is why people look at Garam Masala to accompany it. The truth is that, while Chicken is nice, it needs something extra to make it a standout dish and sometimes a crummy sauce on the side doesn’t do much good either. However, by adding a lovely spicy element and other spices and seasonings to the chicken, this can turn out to be a totally exciting and appealing dish. If you want to learn how to make spicy chicken at home, read on.

Creating Tasty Spicy Chicken Masala

To make this dish, you must start off by placing the chicken in the oven to cook. This is the safest way to cook the chicken and it may take several hours to fully cook. When the chicken is almost finished cooking, you should add chopped garlic, chili peppers, and onions to a frying pan and lightly roast them. Salt and pepper should be added for seasoning and garlic paste and ginger should come soon after. Turmeric and cumin seeds can be added for richer flavors. When the chicken is cooked, remove from the oven and place into the pan with the ingredients and allow the chicken to be immersed in the spicy combination. This will give the chicken sufficient taste and after five minutes, remove, and serve hot.

Spicy Chicken Masala – Dry

Creating a Cold Spicy Chicken Salad Version

If you aren’t looking for a big meal you could look at an alternative. Cold chicken salad is a firm favorite but you can change things up a little with some much needed spice. If you’ve purchased prepared or cooked chicken then you don’t have to do anything on the cooking side. The salad ingredients should be placed into a bowl and the chicken added. Next, the spices, such as organic turmeric powder and a pinch of cumin should be added and mixed sufficiently with the salad and chicken. The chicken should be greatly flavored with spice and you can enjoy at lunch.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things

To be honest, there are many who stay away from spicy chicken dishes and many other spicy dishes because they aren’t sure about spice. However, if you get a nice balance you don’t have to worry too much about your head being blown off by the hot flavors! You can enjoy a lovely blend and find spices which compliment the dish which is the whole point of the spices. If you prepare a few dishes at home you can create a few different spice combinations and find one which compliments your taste buds. You don’t need to use coriander seeds or turmeric powder if you don’t want to; they would be nice additions but it’s your choice. You can create a spice however hot or mild as you like just like any other spicy spice.

Get the Taste Just Right

If you wanted to, you could make a spicy chicken rub at home which would allow you to choose the spiciness of the chicken. If you aren’t a huge lover of hot foods, you can limit your spices; or if you love hot foods, you can add lots and lots of spices. It’s the ideal way of getting a great tasting chicken dish you appreciate without spoiling it through a lack of spice. Garam Masala and other spicy dishes can really open your eyes to something new and different so enjoy them. For more information read here http://www.cookingandme.com/blog/2013/06/26/chicken-masala-chettinad-chicken-masala/

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